What Your Nail Color Says About You

Discover One’s Personality Through Their Nail Polish: The Bellacures Color Code

Who you are is comprised of many different facets of your personality, and your personality dictates not only how you choose to act on a daily basis, but what clothes you pick out in the morning, how you wear your hair, and of course, the color you choose to put on your nails when you get a manicure.
“How people dress their nails usually says as much about them as how they dress their bodies,” points out Samira Far, Founder of Bellacures, a luxe nail salon franchise that sets the industry standard for cleanliness and creativity.  “The colors people gravitate to are a window into one’s personality.  They say a lot about who they are inside and how they are feeling at any moment.”
So the next time you want some insight into someone’s personality or to find out how that friend, colleague or girlfriend is feeling, check out “The Bellacures Color Code”:
People that choose nudes or sheer pinks tend to be caretakers and prefer to play it safe.  They are the person people turn to for support and love, as they like to make things right in the world. They are detailed, thoughtful and passionate lovers.  Others associate them as the pillar of virtue.  They like to keep it neat and clean so natural hues make it easy to go about their day without worrying if their nails are chipped or don’t go with their outfit.  
These hues exude patience and simplicity with a touch of classic sexy. People who wear these colors appreciate being seen by those who are closest to them but do not require too much from their relationships. Sexy reds say look but don’t touch.  It takes them a little longer to open up to others.  They either don’t understand or truly admire people who are social butterflies.  However, despite their simplistic nature, they are versatile in life.
Those who choose to flaunt black or any darker color reek of a perfectionist attitude. Perfection is their habit; they value consistency and do not enjoy feeling vulnerable. They are strong and confident in their style choices.  They know what they want in life and love.  

People who choose the latest, or old favorite, vibrant color of the rainbow do so through an emotional connection.  The color speaks to them and whether it is a rich shade of red, a bright pink, or a Tiffany Blue the color stands on its own in its color group.  These fun and socially active people are spontaneous and game for whatever.  They always show up for the people in their life and stand up for the underdog.   They are highly emotional, wearing exactly how they feel on their sleeve, or through their manicure, and have a strong relationship with their gut.  Others associate them with virtue and loyalty.