What It Takes To Get "Rich-Girl" Hands

Top Tips to Make Your Hands Look Young and Fresh


You may have heard the term “rich-girl” skin, referring to the glowy, perfect skin mostly seen on fresh-faced celebrities and models.  Well, what about your hands?  With the focus always being on the face and body, more often than not, hands get severely neglected.  People tend to not put as much time, care or money into the maintenance of their hands; however, hands are one of the first places that can show signs of aging.  Dry saggy skin, dark spots and fine lines are not bias and only showing up on the face, so let’s start focusing on the hands!
1. Exfoliate- Removing dead and dry skin is the first step to fresh, soft hands.  Add this to your routine like you exfoliate your face, 1-2 times a week, to slough off the dead skin making your hands look older than they are.

2. Sunscreen- As important as wearing a daily SPF is for your face, it is equally important to your hands to prevent aging and dark spots.  Don't forget to apply sunscreen and avoid UV damage.

3. Serums- Serums have gained massive popularity in the skincare world, so treat your hands to their benefits after applying them to your face.  If you have dark spots, try one with Vitamin C to brighten, if you are dry, try one with hyaluronic acid.

4. Non-invasive treatments- If you want to get serious about reversing or preventing aging, you can take more drastic measures on veins or dark spots and try laser treatments, fillers and chemical peels offered at many medi-spas.

5. Retinol- The miracle product that reduces fine lines, speeds up cell turnover, evens out discoloration and helps smooth skin can and should be applied to the back of the hands.  

6. Get regular manicures- Your nails are a big part of the overall look of your hands, so getting regular manicures to keep the nails clean and healthy is vital for a youthful look.

7. Collagen- As much as experts say collagen is great for skin, the supplement also contributes to nail growth and strength, and healthy nails are a sign of youth.  Try adding it into your diet regimen to keep your nails strong.  

8. Major moisture- There is nothing worse than dry hands.  Once a week, preferably after exfoliating, pamper yourself with a super hydrating lotion and put your hands in gloves overnight.  

9. Choose your polish wisely- You may not think about it, but nail polish can be an important part of the anti-aging arsenal.  Experts say that red is the most youthful shade, and the pop of color diverts people’s eyes to your nails.  Try true reds, not blue-based reds that can bring out veins.  

10. Almond Oil- If you prefer a natural route, try applying almond oil frequently.  The vitamin E and fatty acids are great for hands and nails and reverse and prevent signs of aging.