Top 10 Nail Art Trends

The Top Designs That Are Having A Big Moment, Years After Nail Art Emerged


When the nail art trend hit the scene, the world couldn’t get enough.  From over-the-top designs to intricate artwork, things did get a little crazy for a moment.  Today, with the return to clean, neutral nails, some may argue that the trend is dying a slow death; however, there are some nail designs that are just too cool to say good-bye to.  Lately, nail art is chic and fashionable enough to make you tempted to revisit the trend that already had its five minutes of fame.
In celebration of Bellacures 10th anniversary, the hip nail salon brings us the top ten nail art trends that are still sweeping the nation:  
1. Ombre Glitter- Glitter is back, and adding some sparkle in an ombre manner makes for a magnificent manicure.

2. Geometric Shapes and Lines- From a basic singular line to triangles and squares, geometric designs give a funky and stylish look.

3. Minimalistic Designs- Keep it simple with a small dot or a thin stripe in a darker color on a neutral nail.  

4. Negative Space- Leave a little natural nail showing through a bold color for a fun, cutout affect.

5. Glitter Tips- The basic French manicure is dated, but replacing the white polish with a glittery tips is so glam.

6. The Half Moon- A retro look that can be done in endless color combinations proves that everything old becomes new again.

7. Accent Nails- One of the original nail art trends, where one finger on each hand is a different color, is still going strong.

8. Metallics- Whether you make your entire nail shiny silver, or simply add some metallic gold accents, this trend is the definition of chic.

9. Tropical Nail Art- From pineapples to palm trees, this fun look is great for vacations and festival season.  

10. Stars- Adding little star decals or painting the stellar design on in a different color gives and out of this world look.