And The Top 10 Favorite Mani/Pedi Pastimes Are...

New Poll Reveals What People Do While Getting Their Nails Done


While some consider a nail salon a haven to beautify their body and clear their mind, others use their pampering time to read a book, catch up on new magazines or chat with a friend. Bellacures, the nation’s leading nail salon franchise recently polled their staff and clients to find out the top ten things people love to do while getting polished to perfection.  
Among the wide range of activities happening while clients indulge are:
1. Read the latest gossip magazines: The guilty pleasure of catching up on celebrity gossip, as well as reading up on the latest trends in fashion and beauty make the weeklies a mani must.

2. Read a book:  Customers love to cozy up and get lost in their current read.

3. Watch a show on their iPad or personal device: “Netflix and Spa” is a customer favorite.  Clients love to catch up on the latest shows or enjoy a classic movie while getting polished.

4. Listen to music: After a long day, customers enjoy relaxing, putting on their favorite tunes and zoning out.

5. “Cat Nap”: While indulging some customers just like to relax and close their eyes, and maybe even doze off.

6. Sip on their favorite juice: Customers like to feel good inside and out, so they enjoy sipping on a fresh juice while getting their services.

7. Have a glass of champagne: Apparently, there is nothing better to compliment a luxurious pedi than a glassof bubbly to make you feel truly glam.

8. Catch up on social media: Whether it’s scrolling through Instagram, catching up on Facebook or watching Snapchats, staying connected via social media is always a customer favorite.

9. Chat with your “mani buddy”: Customers love to get pampered with a friend and taking the time at the salon to catch up and make plans.

10. Online shopping: Forget the grocery store, customers these days do their shopping from the comforts of the mani chair.