The New Spiritual Awakening Pedicure

Take A Spiritual Journey And Experience the Transformative Power of a Treatment Designed for the Body and the Soul

Bellacures, the hip nail salon whose manifesto recognizes that beauty is more than skin deep, introduces the Spiritual Awakening Pedicure.  The treatment takes you on a spiritual journey through aromatherapy, healing crystals and the releasing of any negative energy in your life while setting new, positive intentions.  
“Through the course of a day we can accumulate negative thoughts and feelings, so letting go and releasing that negative energy, along with setting positive intentions is so crucial to a happy and healthy life,” says Samira Far, Founder of the Bellacures nail salon franchise.  “The spiritual and healing powers of aromatherapy and crystals benefit the body and soul and we are excited to incorporate them into our special pedicure and share them with our customers.”
Relax, release, re-energize and refocus throughout the pedicure by customizing your experience based on your life needs and desires. Choose from six essential oil blends including Focus, Peace and Love, Relaxing, Magic, Purification and Sleep and three healing crystals including Smoky Quartz, Rose Quartz, and Aventurine that will allow you to set your intentions and define your space at that moment.  Sit back, take a moment for yourself and breathe in positive energy with the essential oils while activating your crystal.  At the end of the treatment, write down anything you want to release using a special dissolving paper and drop it into the pedicure bowl, letting go of what is in the past and watching the paper vanish in water.
The Spiritual Awakening Pedicure Includes:

• Aromatherapy Oils To Heal The Spirit
• Vanishing Paper To Release Negativity and Claim Your Intention
• Your Own Crystal To Activate And Take Home With You
• Detoxifying Foot Scrub
• 10 Minute Foot Massage