Scalding Hot Halloween Nail Looks

Bellacures Boils Down The Hottest Head Spinning Halloween Looks for Every Personality

It may be the spookiest time of year, but that doesn’t mean your nails have to be scary.  No matter what your Halloween style – full fright or simply costume lite, Bellacures, the hottest nail franchise in the country, has put together some of their most requested glam looks for every personality.  

“We absolutely love the month of October when Halloween rolls around because it’s a time when even our most conservative customers feel empowered to change up their looks in the name of keeping the spirit alive,” says Samira Far, Founder of Bellacures.  “We have seen everything from simple changes to darker hues to some that love to get a little sassy with designs, which doesn’t necessarily mean pumpkins and ghosts.  There is a chic way to achieve festive nails.”

Here, just a few of the fun looks we’ve seen:

The Black Cat
Start with a black base and apply two coats and let dry.
With a white polish and thin brush paint two small triangles by the cuticle for ears.
Underneath the ears, paint two circles for the eyes, and right below a tiny dot for the nose.  Let dry.
Pick an orange polish and using the small brush paint two tiny dots inside the white eyes.  Let dry.  Finish with a topcoat.

Halloween Chic
Start with a black base and apply two coats and let dry.
You will need nail glue and small gold gem decals.
Plan the decal patterns you want on each nail; for example, just one in the middle toward the cuticle, three in a row, a half moon, etc.
Place a small drop of nail glue on the back of the decal and apply to the nail.  Let dry completely.  Finish with a topcoat.

Negative Space
Start with tape, we recommend blue painters tape, and tape off areas to create desired patterns.  Make sure everything is sealed tightly.  Apply one layer of base coat and let dry.
Pick any fun and festive color- black, orange, or shake things up and keep it neutral with white, a color that will go with any costume, and even an everyday outfit.  Apply two coats, but don’t let it dry completely, only about 3-4 minutes.
Remove the tape by peeling from one side to the other when the polish is between the stages of semi wet and completely dry.  Finish with a topcoat.