Top Products For The Best Nails As Recommended By Bellacures Founder, Samira Far

The Brain Behind LA’s Hottest Nail Salon Franchise Reveals What To Use To Get the Healthiest, Prettiest Nails 

While not much can be done about the natural nail bed shape, there are certain products that, with regular use, can make nails better all around- stronger, healthier and prettier.  However, with so many products out there, it can be overwhelming and difficult to know what is truly best and which products produce real results.   

“Being in the nail business for 10+ years now, I really have tried it all,” says Samira Far, Founder of Bellacures.  “Through endless research and testing, I have learned which products are the best of the best to take care of your hands and give you the best nails possible.”


Here, Samira breaks down her favorites: 

Top Coat – The ultimate top coat is Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat.  True to its name, it dries super fast and honestly makes polish last twice as long without chipping.

Base Coat- CND Stickey Base Coat is my favorite base coat.  It is 3-free, creates a soft, sticky layer that helps prevent surface staining and is the perfect prep for color.   

To Help Grow/Strengthen – I swear by Carlson The Very Finest Fish Oil Liquid.  I like the lemon flavor and recommend taking it every morning.  This magic oil helps lubricate and moisturize your nails from the inside out and will make your nails (and hair!) healthier, shiny and strong. 

Nail Polish Brand - My latest obsession is the Essie Gel Couture nail polish.  It goes on like a regular polish, but acts as a gel, providing up to 14 days of wear and is so shiny.

Cuticle Oil- My absolute favorite cuticle oil is Dr. Hauschka’s Neem Nail & Cuticle Pen.  I love how convenient and  travel friendly it is- I just throw it in my purse so I can use it on the go when my cuticles are feeling dry.  Not to mention it strengthens my nails and nourishes my cuticles unlike any product I have used before. 

Hand Cream – I may be biased, as I spent years developing it, but Bellacures recently launched our own product line and our signature BUTTER Cream is amazing.  It is super moisturizing and has a light vanilla and brown sugar scent that is so yummy.  It also comes in a packet that is perfect for travel.