Refresh Your Mani in Five Minutes

How To Keep Your Manicure Looking Perfect In Between Nail Appointments


No matter how many times a month you get manicures, it’s inevitable that after a few days of tapping at your keyboard and phone, washing dishes or just simply washing your hands, your once gorgeous and perfect looking nails can start to look a little tattered and worn.
“Most of us use our hands a lot more than we even think about,” says Samira Far, Founder of Bellacures, a luxe nail salon franchise that sets the industry standard for cleanliness and creativity.  “Chips happen, nails fray and shine can fade, which is why manicure upkeep is important, but part of that is knowing what you can do between services to keep your nails looking fresh until your next appointment.”  
These little tips will help restore and refresh your nails, or at least hold you over until your next salon visit:
• Apply cuticle or nail oil - Though you should be using an oil such as coconut oil regularly order to keep cuticles hydrated, throw a small bottle in your purse and dab it on before a hot date or important meeting to make your nails look fresh and amp up the shine factor on the go.
• Reapply a layer of topcoat every 2-3 days after your manicure.  This will refresh shine, protect your polish, and make your mani feel new again.  
• If your nails chip, file the edges down and apply another layer of topcoat to seal the free edge to protect your nails from water damage that will cause more chipping.
• Add fun nail art if the chip is unfixable.  Polka dots or stripes are a fun way to cover up chips, or a glitter accent nail will hide the missing polish.
• Tote mini tools like a small pair of cuticle scissors in your purse to get rid of pesky hangnails that make your mani look drab.
• Disguise grow out by adding a half moon at the bottom of your nail with a nail polish pen in a complimentary color.  This popular trend doesn’t only look good on fresh nails, but is the chicest way to hide the annoying blank space that inevitably comes with time.