As a little girl, every week I would tag  along with my mom to get her nails done. Even though I wasn't allowed to get mine done, I loved looking at the luscious polish colors, watching my mom get pampered and more than anything, I loved the feeling of hope that filled me: hope that one day when I was older I too would get my nails done, wear colorful makeup and sparkle.

Towards the end of elementary school, I developed a horrible nail-biting habit. When I was twelve years old, I convinced my mom that I had to get artificial nails in order to stop biting my nails... and so began my weekly visits to the nail salon. Nail-biter turned manicure addict, over the next ten years, I visited nail salons from one side of town to the other and slowly began to realize that nail salons in Los Angeles lacked style, professionalism and most of all cleanliness! And so, I set out to change the culture of nail salons and opened Bellacures in 2006.

My hope is that whenever you visit a Bellacures nail salon, you feel comfortable enough to focus on what really matters: remembering that the little girl inside of you just wants to sparkle... maybe with bright red polish?


Founder, Bellacures