Nail Shapes 101: A Guide To The Most Popular Looks

From Classic to Edgy, Bellacures Breaks Down the Top Nail Shape Trends and What They Say About You

If picking a polish color at the nail salon seems overwhelming, an additional question is now being thrown your way: “How would you like your nails shaped?”   Today, salons know that the shape of the nails is just as important as the color they get painted when speaking to style.  
Because the variety of shapes to choose from may seem excessive, Bellacures, the premiere nail salon, is giving a nail shape guide that every girl needs to have, revealing the top shapes and what they say about your personality.
Round- This shape is one of the most basic and common nail shapes that exist.  Usually best for shorter nails, the shape gives the finger a thinner look.  Girls that opt for this shape typically have a classic style and don’t stray too far from their comfort zone.
Square- This shape has no soft edges and can suit all types of nails, although it is best on medium or long fingers as it can make shorter fingers look stubby.  Girls that opt for this shape are practical, no fuss and have laid back personalities.
Squoval- A newer shape that formed out of the desire to get a look that is the best combination between square and oval nails.  Squared off with slightly rounded edges makes this shape the most universally flattering.  Girls who opt for this shape are always up on the latest trends and are very “middle of the road”.  
Almond- Not too pointy or too long, but still something a little different, this is the perfect shape to lengthen and slenderize fingers.  Girls who opt for this shape are slightly adventurous, but not complete risk takers.  
Coffin- A longer, edgier shape that has a flat, square finish allowing fingers to still function.  Girls who opt for this shape are trendsetters and tend to be confident.  
Stilletto- A shape known for its extreme length and drastic points, this look is almost always achieved with acrylics.  Girls who opt for this shape are attention seekers and committed to their style and beauty routine.