Easy Tips To Ensure An Ethical Manicure

Bellacures Shares Ways to Make Sure Your Mani is Safe and Your Manicurist is Treated Fairly


Since The New York Times shed light on the unethical business practices of hundreds of nail salons throughout New York, customers are now, more than ever, seeking nail services from salons with ethical business practices, high cleanliness standards, and fair wages for employees.  With so many nail salons out there, it can be hard to tell who is doing it right, but there are some easy ways to tell if you know what you are looking for.

1. Be cautious of too low prices – Oftentimes, super low prices can be a reflection of poor business operations, such as paying workers under the table and wages under the minimum wage. 

2. Look for trustworthy nail salons – Legitimate and trustworthy salons should uphold high standards of personnel, quality and customer service. Look for salons that match your own personal standards. 

3. Ask questions – Don’t be afraid to talk to the salon’s manager and ask questions like, “May I see the technicians beauty license?”  If they are operating legally, it won’t be a big deal. 

4. Avoid salons with Jacuzzi jets – There is no way to properly sanitize the pipes in the big Jacuzzi jet chairs that so many salons use, so steer clear and opt for salons that use disposable liners.  

5. Check online customer reviews – People online are honest about their experiences in salons. Take note on the reviews that highlight the salon’s customer service, cleanliness, friendliness of workers and quality of services. 

6. Be aware of sterilization and cleanliness – All legally and properly operating nail salons should be following strict sterilization laws. Ask the manicurists how they clean the tools. Tools should be cleaned using some type of sterilization machine or soaked in barbicide solution, and all files and buffers should be thrown out between customers. 

7. Manicurists’ overall mood – Check in with your nail tech and try to get an overall sense of their happiness in the workplace.  If they aren’t happy, there is most likely a good reason for it. 

8. Odor – Make a point to pay attention to how your salon smells.  It should smell fairly clean and have a fresh air scent. The more toxic the nail salon smells, the more toxic their other practices can be.

9. Appointment booking system – Make sure you are frequenting a salon with fair appointment booking practices. The way to tell is if the front desk or online booking system has a neutral relationship with the manicurists. If the owner of the salon is booking appointments and sending you to your manicurist, chances are the owner is playing favorites and treating their workers unfairly.

10. Trust your gut – When going to a salon, you need to trust yourself and your instincts about the happiness of the workers and practices of the business. If your instincts are telling you the business is not proper or honorable, you may want to look for another nail salon.