Bellacures Launches Eponymous Product Line

Professional Grade Product Pouches Available For Purchase; Products Include,
Scrubs, Mask, Cream And Tools “To Go”


Bellacures, the premier nail salons renowned for their luxuriously relaxing atmospheres and high level of service and cleanliness, proudly announces the introduction of a proprietary line of products that will be used in all salon locations, as well as be available for customers to purchase and take home.  After years of development and perfecting the products to meet Bellacures’ standards, the result is a line of staple products made of the finest ingredients: multiple scrubs of varying intensities, a delightfully minty clay mask, a luxurious signature cream, as well as service tools that will allow the perfect mani/pedi to be maintained or achieved at home or on-the-go.
“Bellacures products have been a passion project of mine for years now and I’m so thrilled to finally introduce them to the world,” says Samira Far, Founder of Bellacures.  “We have taken the salon and customer favorites and really perfected them, made them our own, and put them in convenient, sanitary packets for travel and at home use so customers can get the Bellacures experience anywhere they want or need it!”
Taking their already stringent policy on cleanliness to the next level, the single-use packets will be used for all services in the salon, further ensuring they are meeting the utmost hygiene standards that Bellacures has become so well known for.  In addition to the products, there will be Bellacures service supply pouches that contain files, buffers and all other tools used for manicure and pedicure services.  The product and tool pouches range from $5.00- $8.00 per packet and will be available in all salon locations.  
Bellacures products include:
BUTTER Butter Cream: A signature blend of thick and creamy moisturizing lotion in a refreshing citrus and herb scent.
REFRESH Minty Clay Mask: A minty clay mask that leaves skin feeling cool and tingly. The mask is best used following a scrub to lock in moisture on newly exfoliated skin.
SMOOTH Walnut Scrub: Tiny walnut particles exfoliate dry surface cells, while the creamy base provides moisture for the skin.
SMOOTHER Sugar Scrub: Grains of sugar gently remove rough, dry surface cells and leave skin feeling smooth and silky while encouraging fresher, younger looking skin.
SMOOTHEST Sea Salt Scrub: Coarse grains of sea salt exfoliate rough, dry surface cells and leave skin feeling smooth and silky.
AWAKE Coffee Scrub: Coffee particles exfoliate dry surface cells. The caffeine in coffee has natural constricting properties, which helps to reduce puffiness.
• SMOOTH & FRUITY Blueberry Scrub: Blueberries contain high levels of anti-oxidants as well as Vitamins A and C. Gentle yet refreshing, the scrub leaves skin feeling clean and bright.
SMOOTH & MILKY Milky Sugar Scrub: Grains of sugar gently remove rough, dry surface cells and leaves skin feeling smooth and silky, while the creamy base provides moisture for the skin.
Bellacures tool packets include:
B.Clean Mani Pouch- Nail file, mini buffer
B.Clean Pedi Pouch- Nail file, mini buffer, pedi file, toe separators, rubber gloves
B.Clean Gel Pouch- Nail file, mini buffer, gel removal file, gel removal foil squares