Cleanliness Standards

Life gives us enough worries every day, the last thing you need to worry about is if you are going to get an infection during your mani/pedi! At bellacures we take cleanliness seriously. We believe in eliminating any risk of bacteria. So when you visit us, all you have to do is sit back and enjoy.

Implement Sterilization
We autoclave all our implements. What is an autoclave? It is a sterilization chamber that hospitals and dentists use to sterilize all metal tools. The tools are then packaged in a sterilization pouch. A new sterilized pouch of implements are opened for each client.

You should know: just because tools are in a pouch, it does not mean they are sterilized. Once the package has been sterilized the arrow on the bag turns from blue to brown indicating that the proper heat level was attained during the sterilization process. At Bellacures, if the arrow is not brown, refuse service from that technician! At any other salon, check the pouch! it should tell you what color indicates proper sterilization.

No Whirlpool Foot Baths (also known as Spa Chairs)
We don't use whirlpool spa chairs for pedicures at Bellacures. Research shows that when the pipes are not cleaned properly bacteria, skin and hair particles gather up in the pipes and can cause horrifying dangerous infections.

Why even have to worry whether or not your spa chair was cleaned properly? Our pedicure tubs have plastic liners that click into the tub. The liner is thrown away after each customer. This way there is no cleaning process at all. So you don't even have to worry if someone cleaned your pedi tub properly.

Your B-Cleaner Disposable Pouch
Bellacures provides a disposable pouch with supplies (including file, buffer, foot file, toe separators and a few other items). Every time you are serviced a new pouch will be opened for you!

Technicians Use Latex/ Vinyl Gloves
You never really know if your manicurist technician has washed their hands or not and you don't want other people's foot germs on you! At Bellacures all technicians wear gloves during pedicure services to avoid the spread of bacteria. If you would like your technician to wear gloves during your manicure services as well, just ask!